Daydream V.2 by Nonotak Studio

An audiovisual light installation that distorts one’s perception of space.

I reblogged the first version of this installation awhile ago. This artist has amazing output.

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The Problem with Music is that Too Much of it is Really Good

And I only speak one language and have so many hours in a day.


*currently.. fack yes!!!

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#AntiBalas -Security!

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we remember dubstep

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Kris Menace ‘The Entirety of Matter’ // Album art by Mr. Div

Check out the first in a series of ‘gif videos’ for the album here:

Kris Menace - Mona

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Lusine - Two Dots

Texas native Lusine is een oude rot in het vak, al in 1999 bracht hij zijn eerste plaat uit. 10 jaar later maakte Jeff McIlwain, inmiddels getekend door Ghostly, met A Certain Distance zijn beste werk. Op Two Dots wordt de Finse zangeres Vilja Larjosto gesampled, die over onbegrijpelijke, abstracte dingen zingt. Desalniettemin een mooi lied.

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I fear I’m becoming vapid.

The internet is aestheticizing my life.

Tumblr is an orgy of decontextualized images.

They are not humanizing. I do not feel more connected to you. You do not feel more connected to me.

I cannot fight a paradigm when it has formed me. I can only choose to acknowledge it and attempt to purge from the rest of my existence and limit it to a designated place.

Thus, this blog continues as a place to store things that aesthetically pique me. 

Know that this is all meaningless. Know that I have only a detached, intellectual draw to any of this. It does not move me, but merely comfort me.

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Jessica Stam by Donna Trope

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